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Organize and control
your productivity!

Embroidery Office Organizer, the embroidery production planning tool

Whether you have a single-head or several multi-head embroidery machines, control your production from the moment the job is taken until it's delivered.

Organize and optimize the productivity of your Embroidery Shop. Accurately calculate and control the time it takes your embroidery machines to produce each job. Keep track of the jobs to be produced on each embroidery machine.

Also You Get...
  • User-friendly graphic interface allows you to easily assign time slots to different jobs on different embroidery machines.
  • Ability to accommodate for unplanned changes to your production.
  • Synchronized operation lets you make changes on a job and automatically calculate the time adjustment for it and subsequent jobs.
  • Prepare easy-to-follow Production Sheets for your operators.
  • Take control of your pricing by establishing a consistent pricing/costs formula.
  • Reliably follow the productivity of your embroidery machines.
  • Make the system work for you, by defining embroidery machine information and work hours of your shop.
  • Stop catching up and start planning ahead with the invaluable help of this assistant.

The embroidery software Pricing / Planning tool for your Shop.
In just a few steps, take total control of your embroidery business.

EO Organizer utilizes unique tools to perform these tasks: Assistants for the set-up of your Work Order, Customer and Supplier info, Working Hours; available functions are always available from the right-click menu; user-friendly, graphic interface to assign Orders to time slots, with results immediately displayed; read embroidery designs in most popular embroidery formats from Floppy / CD-Rom / Hard Drives or Network; built-in, user-defined System Alarms and much more.


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