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On this section you will find plenty of information on our Embroidery Office Line of Products.

On the List of Products, just click on any product to find out more about it. You will find text explaining how the product works and its details. For certain products you will also be able to download List of Features, Brochures and Demos.

Following is a list that will take you to the product you are looking for, based on your needs. We strongly recommend to check out the section "Which one is the right product for me?" to find the answer to your current needs.

Product Main Purpose

EO Design

Create embroidery designs from images, scanner or digitizing tablet.

EO Edit

Edit existing embroidery designs. It includes Lettering and Design Processing.

Embroidery Explorer    

Embroidery Design Manager: organization, conversions, printing, embroidery machine transfer, etc.

EO Photo

Create embroidery designs from pictures with just a click. It includes Black and White, and Color compositions.

EO 3D Simulation

Create high-quality embroidery samples without sewing. Print and convert designs to images.

EO Book Author

Create your own catalogs, ready to print or post on a web site with just a few clicks. Great machine embroidery free designs distribution tool.

EO Organizer

Organize and optimize the productivity of your Embroidery Shop.


Get the most advanced 3D simulation; Instantly display all the designs stored in your HD, CDs, etc.


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