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Embroidery Office Photo, Automatic Embroidery Design from PhotosEO Photo is the latest addition to the Embroidery Office® Line of Products. EO Photo will allow you to convert an image into an Embroidery Design in just a single step.

Embroidery Office Photo, the photo-stitching tool
EO Photo
has the ability to either scan an image in or read previously stored graphic files. It can also capture an image from the Clipboard. Then, EO Photo traces the acquired image and generates the stitches that create the embroidery design - based on the preferences defined by the user. Convert your favorite images into awesome single-color or multi-color Embroidery Designs with just a mouse click!

EO Photo Color is capable of creating color compositions. Starting with the basic CMY or CMYK thread colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), it creates embroidery designs with a wide range of colors. In other words, using just four thread colors, it achieves an incredible quantity of combinations. To achieve impressive livelihood while using fewer stitches than standard systems, get EO Photo!

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Outstanding Features

  • It works with Black & White, Grayscale and Color Images
  • It creates single-color and multi-color Embroidery Designs by combining CMY and CMYK colors.
  • Different "Photo Effects" within each mode: 4 B&W effects, 3 CMY effects, and 3 CMYK effects.
  • Settings and Controls defined by the User:
    • Quality and Speed Controls.
    • "Double Precision" Setting.
    • Scan and Stitch Angle.
    • Contrast of Black (Brightness).
    • Contrast of Color (Tint)
    • Resolution: Scan Line Spacing, Cell Width and Margins.
    • Small Stitch Filter, Compensation.
    • Border Stitch: Width, Stitch Density

Steps to create a embroidery design

  • Acquire the desired image. Define the image size with the "Scaling" icon.
  • Select Photo Mode and Effect (i.e. B&W or CMYK).
  • Click on the "Generate Stitches" icon.
  • Save your embroidery design, so it's ready for production.

Should you like to change settings and obtain different results, just modify the Properties and Apply. Easy enough? Hard to believe!

The standard version does not include the ability to generate embroidery designs using CMY or CMYK combinations. It can only generate B&W designs.
Photo Effects are components that can be installed. Additional Photo Effects will be available through our Users Club shortly, at no additional charge!

Sample w/Border Stitch
Sample w/Border Stitch
Tricolor (CMY) embroidery design sample
Tricolor (CMY) embroidery design sample
Brightness-Hue Controls
Settings and Controls defined by the User
Settings and Controls
defined by the User


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