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Embroidery Office® Organizer is an application related to the systematization of the production process that the embroidery shop undertakes, making it a fast, simple and efficient task, thus easing the control and follow-up of the tasks developed.

EO Organizer will help you in the performance of many activities, by making the planning easier and providing a more accurate time and costs estimate, allowing a better control of the tasks without losing flexibility when a change or incident in the embroidery shop occurs.

In only a few steps you will be able to set a Job Order and assign it to the chosen machine (automatically visualizing the time estimate output), also creating the Printed Production Sheets either for the shop’s Chief or the machine’s operator. All this is carried out in an incredibly fast way.

With EO Organizer you will have a full record of your company’s activity, be able to issue statistical reports, achieving a full control of the current situation and making the future planning easier still.


Job specifications

  • Client’s data
  • Embroidery designs
  • Job description
  • Request and delivery dates

Calculations, Estimates

  • Quantity of stitches
  • Production times
  • Direct and indirect costs

Create Quotation

  • Prices, budgeting
  • Delivery dates
  • Miscellaneous

Production Wizard

  • Lots assignment to the machines
  • Estimate of time in machine
  • Delivery of design to the machine

Inventory control

  • Threads inventory, etc.
  • Purchase and consumption
  • Historical reports

Management, Administration

  • Miscellaneous statistical reports
  • Powerful search tools
  • Current order status
  • Personalized for each company


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